SmartGrade™ leverages Chinese based production and EU based sales and support to provide the enterprise level wireless industry with repair part supply chain solutions.

Why choose SmartGrade™ ?

SmartGrade™ exists in order to fill the gap which exists between your requirements and what you can obtain on the market. In order to achieve this we have created a strategic partnership with ShenzhenParts in China, thus ensuring a dedicated supplier of all the components you may require, quickly, efficiently and quality controlled. The depth of this alliance is illustrated by the fact there is cross shareholdings between the two structures. This means that in contrast to all other suppliers of spare wholesale phone parts in Europe we have a direct “family” link to China which means we are really working together to achieve the same goals. This contrasts sharply with other European suppliers who are fighting not just for your business but with their own suppliers. Zero conflicts of interests ! Come and visit our factories, there is nothing to hide, in fact we have lots to show you ! When you place an order with us, you’re going to the source !

SmartGrade™ Profile

SmartGrade™ leverages Chinese based production and EU based sales and support to provide the enterprise level wireless industry with repair part supply chain solutions. Sustaining quality is the answer to succeeding in this industry. Our dynamic, both in the Europe and China, is to supply you with products that are sourced and quality controlled in-house, along with the fulfillment of your needs and requirements in order to achieve the highest possible degree of satisfaction . We’re dedicated to growing your business and providing you with supplies and resources that bring your business to the next level. With over 15 years of experience in Chinese battery and LCM manufacturing and assembly, we are positive in our capacity to know what to look for and where to find it. Throughout the years, our parts have continued to impress the market in terms of quality as well as clear grading and we continue to push our efforts every day to elevate industry standards. SmartGrade™ and Shenzhen Parts is proud of its global reputation within the mobile phone industry.

China Pricing, European Advantage

SmartGrade™ leverages the power of Shenzhen and the advantage of European supply chain solutions. With over 15 years experience in mobile phone, tablet and repair parts supply chain management, our client list is composed of some of the biggest names in the industry. By maintaining a network of partner factories directly in Shenzhen, China conducting in-house quality assurance, SmartGrade™ is a respected post warranty repair parts provider.

China Direct Pricing

Our Shenzhen based operation allows us to provide China Direct pricing without cutting quality.

Clear Grading System

We cut through the complexities of product grading with clear and transparent quality grading.

First Class Support

Our professional and knowledgeable account managers are available in both China and France for fast communication and support

Partner Factory Network

Our established network of ISO-9001 certified partner factories allow us to provide customized supply solutions.

Euro Invoicing

Avoid costly currency exchange rates and transaction delays, purchasing directly in Euros

EU Importer on Record

Eliminate Intellectual Property and Supply Chain Concerns by placing your orders directly within the EU

VAT Free Invoicing (Outside of France)

For non-French companies invoicing will be without VAT, positively affecting cash flow.

No Customs Clearance

Avoid costly delays and complications through European direct shipping

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