Terms and Conditions


SMART GRADE is a single-member simplified joint stock company with a capital of 6,000 euros, whose registered office is at 2, avenue des Fleurs - 06 000 Nice. It is registered in the Nice Trade and Companies Register under number 850 695 248 and represented by Mrs Harmonie DUTILLIEUX as Chairman. It operates a wholesale business of components and electronic and telecommunications equipment for professionals. SMART GRADE delivers in mainland France as well as abroad. It operates its activity through the website www.smartgrade.fr (hereinafter “the Site”) which it owns. Postal address SMART GRADE: Service client 2 1 Rue de la Buffa 06000 Nice, France VAT: FR42 850 695 248 RCS : 850 695 248Email address: sales@smartgrade.fr Telephone: +33 or +33 07 82 06 03 13

Article 1 - Object

Sales made by SMART GRADE are subject to these general conditions of sale (hereinafter “the General Conditions”). This contract is subject to French law. The General Conditions detailed below exclusively govern the contractual relations between SMART GRADE and the Customer. Their purpose is to define the rights and obligations of the parties within the framework of the distance selling of goods offered by the Site. The website is a showcase on which product catalogs are presented. No order can be made via the website. Customers place their orders through the following means, namely: - By email - By telephone - By Whats’App However, the order is effectively validated upon receipt by SMART GRADE of the duly dated and signed order form. When a customer places an order for the first time, the latter must necessarily register with SMARGRADE, read the general conditions of sale and check the box "I accept the general conditions of sale". In the event of changes to these general conditions of sale, SMART GRADE will inform all of its customers so that they can read them again and check the box "I accept the general conditions of sale" again. These General Conditions prevail over any other stipulation emanating from the Customer, whether written or not - except with the express agreement of SMART GRADE. No general or specific conditions appearing in the documents sent or delivered by the Customer may be incorporated into these General Conditions, if these documents are incompatible with them. The Customer declares to have full legal capacity allowing him to engage under these General Conditions. SMART GRADE may need to update these General Conditions. In the event of changes to the general conditions of sale, the Company will send an information email to the customer on which the new general conditions of sale will be attached. The customer will agree to accept these new general conditions of sale for any new order. Any modification to these General Conditions is applicable as soon as it is posted on the Site but cannot apply to contracts concluded previously.

Article 3 - Prices and Shipping Costs

3.1 Prices Product prices are displayed on the Site in the “ProGrade Catalog” section. These prices can be modified at any time, without notice by SMART GRADE. The prices invoiced are those displayed on the order form that we send. The prices are expressed in Euros and are understood to be exclusive of tax (hereinafter "HT") and delivery costs. When the displayed price includes delivery costs, this information is mentioned in the catalog. Any compulsory levy relating to the products will be invoiced in accordance with the regulations in force and included in the price presented when the order is placed. In the event of an order intended for delivery outside France, the Customer must inform himself of any customs duties or any other duties or taxes whatsoever which are payable in the country of delivery of the products. The Customer is responsible for the full payment of these duties and taxes related to the customs clearance of his order. For sales to businesses in the European Union, excluding France, VAT-exclusive invoicing options are available. 3.2 Shipping costs Shipping costs include packaging costs and shipping costs. Shipping costs are indicated during the ordering process and prior to order confirmation. The amount of shipping costs is calculated according to the nature of the products ordered, the amount of the order and the delivery method selected. For any delivery abroad, the SMART GRADE Company's export department will directly specify the specific shipping costs and the terms of payment.

Article 3 - Delivery and Reception of Products

4.1 Delivery Delivery of products ordered by the customer will take place at the address of his choice determined at the time of signing the order form. The delivery address can be changed at the request of the customer or more generally of the person who made, validated and paid for the order, up to 48 hours before delivery. In the event that the Customer is absent during the delivery of the order, it is his responsibility to pick up his delivery at the address mentioned by the carrier and according to the terms specified by the latter on the transit advice note filed at the delivery address. In the absence of withdrawal of the delivery within the period appearing on this notice or in the event of refusal of delivery by the Customer, the package will be returned to SMART GRADE. The products will then be reimbursed via bank transfer (with the exception of the initial delivery costs). A handling fee of € 30.00 excluding tax will also be deducted from the amount of the refund as well as the return costs invoiced by the carrier. The second delivery is conditional on payment of the new transport costs by the customer. Delivery is made by one of the following transport companies: DHL, TNT, UPS or CHRONOPOST. The delivery time is conditioned by the choice of delivery method made by the Customer when ordering. The delivery time indicated when ordering is given only as an indication and is in no way guaranteed. Consequently, the SMART GRADE Company cannot be held responsible in the event that a deadline is exceeded. Exceeding the deadline may not give rise to any cancellation of the order, to any reduction in the price paid by the Customer, and to any payment for damages once the Customer is delivered within 30 days of the confirmation of his order. Also, the order deadlines are not guaranteed by SMART GRADE if the orders are placed on the eve of public holidays or on weekends. SMART GRADE allows itself an additional 24 working hours for the shipment of exported orders requiring greater administrative and customs formalities. Delivery times may also vary in the event of an external event (force majeure, storm, blockage of transport routes, etc.). This list is not exhaustive. 4.2 Reception Any complaint for non-conformity or product missing from delivery must be sent to SMART GRADE, with a copy of the reservations made to the carrier, within 48 hours of the delivery being signed. Reservations at the time of delivery must be precise and complete as to the nature of the visible damage on the packaging and the condition of the goods (reserves on damage and number of missing parts / damage to the goods). It is imperative to control all products upon receipt. The contents of each package must be inspected in the presence of the deliverer and before any acceptance of the package. The observed anomaly must be clearly written and indicated on the goods and not exclusively on the packaging. Reservations must be written on the delivery receipt in front of the deliverer, who is entitled to issue counter reservations. It is recommended not to accept visibly very damaged packages and to refuse the delivery as a whole. Late complaints cannot under any circumstances be taken into account and the Customer's responsibility is only then fully engaged.

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