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Currently, we require a minimum order quantity of USD $100.00. While we have positioned Smartgrade™as a wholesale supply chain solutions provider, we have set the minimum order quantity low in order to encourage test orders, so that prospective clients may test our product quality and order efficiency. Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved in providing quality repair parts, we are unable to fill orders below this amount. If you require a small order to fix your own device, please contact us and we can most likely refer you to a business in your area.

Please contact us as soon as possible. Most orders are shipped the same day as funds have been received. If your order has not yet departed we will cancel your order immediately.

Please contact us as soon as possible, as most orders depart the same day as we receive funds. If your order has not already departed we will add the items to your order.

We provide DHL, TNT, and UPS CHRONOPOST shipping methods. Please contact us if you have a preferred transporter.

We accept PayPal and direct transfer. Please advise if you have a preferred payment method and we will check it out.

Due to the variety of products and services offered, we provide transparent warranty information on each proforma invoice.

Please contact us immediately. While this is rare, mistakes do happen and we will correct the issue for you immediately by either resending the missing product or providing you with a refund for the remaining amount.

Yes, our catalogs are available on our ProGrade Catalogs page once you have signed in with your account. If you prefer we can email you links to all of our catalogs in PDF format.

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