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About Us

At Smartgrade™, we buyback broken screens, full devices, and parts. We also sell quality repair parts, including genuine Samsung service pack. Turn your old devices into cash or find the parts you need for reliable repairs with us.


“To accelerate the repair industry’s adoption of the circular economy with financial incentives.”


“We provide solutions for companies to repair, remanufacture, repurpose and upgrade consumer electronic devices.”

Responsible sourcing

Following ISO 14001, our team directly in China and Europe maintain a sophisticated supply chain based on sustainability.

  • Component harvesting to minimize waste

  • Quality control based on defined criteria

  • Direct sourcing and procurement

Supply chain distribution

Our B2B based parts distribution channel provides clients with ready to deliver solutions for:

  • Samsung service pack
  • Gaming console parts
  • Apple parts

BuyBack program

We provide the best per unit valuations on awide range of smartphone devices and components including:

  • Devices
  • Screens
  • Cameras
  • Logic boards
  • Flex cables
  • Accessories

Third-party repair

We work with some of the best third-party repair providers in the industry to provides level1-4 repairs for:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • Oppo
  • Google
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Programs | Buyback Screens

Maximum value

You know the price of each grade and model before you send in your screens.

Most brands supported

We provide regular price updates on over 270 models including Apple, Samsung, Huawei , Xiaomi, Oppo, Google…

More grades

We maximize value out of every lot by accepting a wide range of triage issues, ensuring nothing is wasted.

Clear reporting

We provide an in-depth grading report for every batch with powerful insights to maximize your Buyback program.

Programs | Repair Parts

Complete selection

A complete selection of components for smartphones, tablets, laptops, accessories and repair tools

Competitive pricing

All prices updated weekly according to market trends for the ultimate price advantage.

Clear product information

Quickly identify product specifications and differences between grades, conditions and assembly types

Quality overkill

We maintain redundant levels of quality control from our dedicated in-house quality control team in Shenzhen, China to our final quality control in Portugal.

Programs | Buyback Device

Highest evaluations

We provide the highest evaluations in the industry.

Tested by Blackbelt™

All of our devices are extensively tested via Blackebelt™ diagnostics software and are individually inspected for cosmetic defects by professional grading technicians.

Fast turnaround

Our streamlined triage process ensures your batch is quickly assessed.

Clear reporting

We provide an in-depth grading report for every batch with powerful insights to maximize your Buyback program

Programs | Samsung Service Pack

Complete selection

Our selection of on-demand service pack spare parts is second to none.

Samsung Enterprise Certified

As a Samsung Enterprise Certified supplier, you can be assured of the authenticity and quality of your products.

Competitive prices

Take advantage of some of the most competitive Samsung Service Pack prices in the EU.

In-shortage models

We provide access to Samsung Service pack references that are in serious shortage within the market.

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