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Extract maximum value

SmartGrade provides true maximum value recovery, extracting value out of every component regardless of the grade.

Every Grade is Valuable.

SmartGrade™ provides substantially more value, by eliminating the concept of waste and providing maximum value for A Grade, B Grade, C Grade, D Grade, Small Burn, Large Burn, Digitizer Fail and even Fully Broken displays.


The value seems high at first, but wastes lower grade components.


All value is recovered, leaving no waste.

We purchase everything!

We purchase a large range of consumer electronic waste at industry leading pricing.

LCM Displays

LCM Displays

All grades of Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Google displays.

Logic Boards

All non-water damaged MacBook smartphone and tablet logic boards

Flex cables

Camera, dock connector, induction sensor, power, and volume flex cables

Rear Covers

All MacBook, smartphone and tablet rear covers and mid-chassis


All non-punctured, original laptop, smartphone and tablet batteries


Newer generation WiFi routers and automatic storage devices.

Free Shipping Label

Get a free shipping label for your broken screen, full device, logic board, rear cover, flex cable, battery or accessory shipment.

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