No Fix, No Fee Logic Board Repairs

We have mastered large-volume Samsung, iPhone, MacBook and iMac logic board and GPU re-ball repairs, with a No Fix - No Fee guarantee.

iPhone spare parts
Smartphone Logic Board Repair

Increase memory capacity and repair advanced motherboard issues.

MacBook spare parts
MacBook Logic Board Repair

Level 4 MacBook and iMac motherboard repair.

Component Level Samsung, iPhone, MacBook and iMac repairs

The SmartGrade™ Level 4 Repair Program offers large volume, high yield logic board repairs with rapid turn-around times at industry leading rates.

Low Unit Cost

We have streamlined our repair process to provide volume based competitive pricing.

Fast Turn Around Time

With a 10,000+ unit monthly production capacity, your repairs are always at the front of the line.

High Yield Rate

Our experienced Level 4 technicians thoroughly evaluate boards for the root issue, producing industry leading yield rates.

High Quality Repair

Using the Re-Ball workflow, our repairs are backed with a No Fix - No Fee 6 Month Warranty.

A Solution for Every Problem

We provide a full range of Level 4 repairs to correct most logic board issues.

Liquid damage

Slow speed

No charge

No response

No backlight

Battery not charging

Fan constantly running

Battery draining

No Wi-Fi

EFI locked

No sound

USB port issues

Logic Board Repair Pricing

All pricing is updated weekly. Values are indicative and must be confirmed through your dedicated representative.

MacBookLogic board157.29 €
iMacLogic board263.21 €
iPhone smartphoneLogic board83.92 €
Samsung smartphoneLogic board83.92 €

CPU Replacement Pricing

All pricing is updated weekly. Values are indicative and must be confirmed through your dedicated representative.

MacBook Air (2011-2012)CPU198.93 €
MacBook Air (2013-2014)CPU185.78 €
MacBook Air (2015-2017)CPU260.73 €
MacBook Pro (2011-2012)CPU178.11 €
MacBook Pro (2013-2015)CPU227.75 €
MacBook Pro (2016-2018)CPU373.16 €

iPhone Memory Swap Pricing

All pricing is updated weekly. Values are indicative and must be confirmed through your dedicated representative.

ModelStarting capacityUpgrade capacityPrice
iPhone 616 GB32 GB39.30 €
iPhone 616 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 616 GB128 GB84.28 €
iPhone 632 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 632 GB128 GB84.28 €
iPhone 664 GB128 GB69.29 €
iPhone 6 Plus16 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 6 Plus16 GB128 GB84.28 €
iPhone 6 Plus64 GB128 GB69.29 €
iPhone 6S16 GB32 GB39.30 €
iPhone 6S16 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 6S16 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 6S32 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 6S32 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 6S64 GB128 GB64.29 €
iPhone 6S Plus16 GB32 GB39.30 €
iPhone 6S Plus16 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 6S Plus16 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 6S Plus32 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 6S Plus32 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 6S Plus64 GB128 GB64.29 €
iPhone 732 GB64 GB51.80 €
iPhone 732 GB128 GB84.28 €
iPhone 732 GB256 GB106.76 €
iPhone 7128 GB256 GB89.27 €
iPhone 7 Plus32 GB128 GB84.28 €
iPhone 7 Plus32 GB256 GB106.76 €
iPhone 7 Plus128 GB256 GB89.27 €
iPhone 864 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 864 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone 864 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone 8128 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone 8128 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone 8256 GB512 GB101.77 €
iPhone 8 Plus64 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 8 Plus64 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone 8 Plus64 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone 8 Plus128 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone 8 Plus128 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone 8 Plus256 GB512 GB101.77 €
iPhone X64 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone X64 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone X64 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone X256 GB512 GB96.77 €
iPhone XR64 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone XR64 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone XR64 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone XR128 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone XR128 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone XS64 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone XS64 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone XS64 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone XS256 GB512 GB96.77 €
iPhone XS Max64 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone XS Max64 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone XS Max64 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone XS Max256 GB512 GB96.77 €
iPhone 1164 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 1164 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone 1164 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone 11128 GB256 GB89.27 €
iPhone 11128 GB512 GB114.26 €
iPhone 11256 GB512 GB96.77 €
iPhone 11 Pro64 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 11 Pro64 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone 11 Pro64 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone 11 Pro256 GB512 GB96.77 €
iPhone 11 Pro Max64 GB128 GB79.28 €
iPhone 11 Pro Max64 GB256 GB96.77 €
iPhone 11 Pro Max64 GB512 GB121.75 €
iPhone 11 Pro Max256 GB512 GB96.77 €

Re-Ball vs Re-Flow

SmartGrade™ uses a superior Re-Ball work method to deliver high quality repairs to follow the life-cycle of the device.


High yield rate, low defect. Faulty components are completely removed, surface area is and replaced with new components.


Moderate yield rate, high defect. Faulty components are heated and moved so that solder can melt underneath

How our process works

The SmartGrade™ Level 4 Repair Process is as simple as 1,2,3

Schedule pickup

Contact your rep to receive pre-shipment triage and packaging instructions. We will arrange for local shipment pickup at your facility.

Triage report and quotation

Once we receive your shipment we will conduct a thorough triage inspection. we will then provide you with a triage report and repair cost estimate.

Receive repaired boards

On quotation approval, we will process your repair, sending the first batch within 2 weeks and subsequent shipments daily or weekly upon customer demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our average successful yield rate is approx. 85%, but is dependent on the age and condition of the logic board.

We will only repair a board if a long term solution is available. All board repairs use a re-ball method to ensure repair longevity.

We provide a 3 month warranty for all repairs. If a board is not correctly repaired, we will repair again at no cost. If the second repair is unsuccessful, we will provide a full refund.

We will send a first shipment within two weeks of reception, with a second shipment for more advanced repairs within four weeks of reception.

Our repair facility can effectively repair 300-400 logic boards or 400-500 GPUs per day.

Due to extended shipping costs, we ask that you provide unmounted logic boards.

Most orders are paid via Bank Transfer, however additional payment methods can be provided upon request.

Due to shipment and triage costs, we ask for a sample minimum of at least 20 pcs and a production minimum of at least 100 pcs per repair cycle.

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